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You Know You Grew Up in Carol Stream or Glendale Heights, if You Remember… May 11th at Alberto’s in Carol Stream, IL

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Two Facebook groups, “You Know You Grew Up in Carol Stream, if You Remember…” and “You Know You Grew Up in Glendale Heights, if You Remember…” are meeting at Alberto’s Bar (Fitzgerald’s) on Saturday, May 11th, starting at 7:00 p.m.!  Reminisce, but realize that you’re in a much better place than your kids:  You actually LIVED through HISTORY!  We can’t wait for this amazing reunion!

Old Carol Stream barns being demolished in 1995.
Photo Courtesy of Rick Gieser

Here are some of the posts:

“I have lived in TX for along time now and I still miss Steamers and Rosati’s Pizza. Really hard to find good food like that down here.”

“For you dancers out there, where did you go “disco dancing” when you lived in GH because there was nothing in town!”

“Let’s see how many of you had my Mom, Rita Crawford, at Carol Stream, Roy DeShane, Jay Stream, and Stratford?”

“Where did your family go out to eat? Does anyone remember the Big Banjo in Glen Ellyn? My folks LOVED it there. Pizza and RootBeer while singing along to the banjo!”

“…..Northland Mall!!!  …..J & F Foods!!!!”

“Anyone remember the Bigger Jigger?”

“We lived in Carol Stream on Aztec drive from about 1968 until we moved to Bloomington Indiana in 1978. It was right before my 8th grade year at Jay Stream Jr. High and I was devastated to move! I have such warm memories although sadly, they aren’t as clear as I would like! The pictures on this site help!!! I went to Carol Stream Elementary and I remember my First Communion at St. Luke’s with Father White. I live in Chicago now and drove back a few years ago. It’s so hard to put into perspective how much things have changed. Thanks for the site! Am enjoying the walk down memory lane!”

I don’t get to Glendale Heights often anymore. So much has changed for me. I used to live on Glenhill Drive and that was the last street in the last of the suburbs. If you jumped my backyard fence you would be on farmer Ray’s field. To the right of that was farmer Schmale’s field. Farmer Schamle’s hogs would roam the street. We made a highly traveled dirt path between Glenhill Drive and the fields. We used to ride bicycles, minibikes/motorcycles back there in the summer. In the winter we would snowmobile. We could ride all the way to North Ave across from the old Kmart. We also traveled that path to get to Glenside Jr. High. All that was nothing but farm land. Glenbard North was smack dab in the center of nothing but farm fields and you could see forever. My wife who was my fiance’ at the time took me to the High School and she asked me if anything looked familiar. I had no clue. Not one. We were at at a stop light at the school and I couldn’t recognize it. The Army kept me away from my home but what a great home it was. I wish things could be like they were. The friends, the area, the memories. It was the most awesome place ever to grow up in.

Life as it was. The way we remember it.  Let’s not forget it.

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