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1960 Wheaton College Class Reunion at Holiday Inn & Suites in Carol Stream, IL

Recently, we received the following review from the 1960 Wheaton College Class Reunion Coordinator:

Our Wheaton College Class of 1960 has held two anniversary reunions at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Carol Stream, Illinois, one in 2010 and another just last May, 2015. We would return for another Reunion “in a heartbeat” as they say!! Debbie Zweibruck has been thorough and patient in her planning with us leading up to the events, as well as on site during the events.

Our 2010 Reunion was over a year ahead in planning, resulting in a crowd of almost 300 persons taking up most of the entire hotel. Our 2015 event was much smaller in numbers but being 5 years older, we were pleased to have about 75 persons. On site events have included Banquets in the Tent, Dinners in the Ballrooms, small group meetings, a “reception/welcome” area in one of the breakout rooms on the main hallway, and even the hanging of a welcome sign off the balcony railing at the end of the hallway.

At our most recent Reunion, we ate many of our meals in the restaurant, and also used the Garden Room which we filled to capacity. At all times were the staff helpful to us, and answered all our questions.

We heartily endorse their facilities and staff.

Group Picture Wheaton College Class of 1960 Reunion

Holiday Inn & Suites and Alberto’s Signature Events appreciates the heartfelt review and looks forward to helping them with their next reunion.


For more information about celebrating your class reunion at Alberto’s and Holiday Inn & Suites in Carol Stream, please contact Debbie Zweibruck via email or by phone at 630.665.3000.


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